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Friday, May 6th, 2005
12:21 am

Yes! Now it's official. I'm an explicit member of this club and all doubt is removed.

Although, this group is almost as dead as a sophomore dance.

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Thursday, January 13th, 2005
1:00 pm

The Eleventh Commandment

And then God called Moses backeth upeth on the mountain, and said to him, "Moses, I have one more commandment for you."

Moses grumbleth and said to God, "But weren't the first ten enough?"

"No! I am God! I know everything!"

Moses prostrateth himself on the ground and begged God's forgiveness. "What can I do for you, O Lord?"

And God said to Moses, "The eleventh commandment is this: Thou shalt not have semester exams."

Moses cameth down from the mountain and told the children of Israel this new commandment. There was much rejoicing.

-The Book of Sarah, 3:4-9

RIP, HFS. You shall be sorely missed.

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Sunday, December 12th, 2004
11:20 am

Am I the only one not looking forward to the band/chorus concert on Tuesday?

Despite the fact that I'm actually in it? I hate getting up in front of the entire school, knowing that they're either making fun of us or bored to tears by us.

Besides, if I hear any more Allyson Hannigan/American Pie jokes about my playing the flute, I'll scream.

current mood: indescribable

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Thursday, December 9th, 2004
4:41 am - stuff
icall_shotgun support the damned sophmore class we are moneyless buy those stupid candy cane things and go to the damned christmas dance...

i realize there are only three other people maybe reading this but still we are all so cool that if we support the sophmore class then people will see our coolinosity and follow our example...


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Friday, November 12th, 2004
5:08 pm
beanfeast well im supporting roxane.

...whos suporting corey whos supporting..um..that other person that i cant remember their name because of the damned short term memory...and i dont know this person either...so i guess thats my biggest excuse...


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Thursday, November 11th, 2004
3:47 pm - hkjfahjndjohehw
icall_shotgun im supporting corey whos supporting sarah and im getting other people to support me but so far that plan has become mute with two no's and a maybe (perhaps the no's were because those people went to pvi...who knows.

/ \ / \

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Wednesday, October 27th, 2004
1:00 pm

Ladies and gents, my goal for senior year is to revamp this community.

Because I'm a dork, and I go to DJO.

So it makes sense.

current mood: anxious

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Thursday, February 26th, 2004
3:59 pm - cout << "Howdy";

Sup everybody? This is my first post... so... um... yeh, what goes on here? I’ve been using LJ for a while now, and my name happens to be LJ, so yeh, that gets confusing. I’m a programmer at Drexel U in Philly. My journal is kinda complicated, so you kinda have to read back through a few posts to get the current one. So yeh, here I be.

current mood: dorky

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Sunday, June 2nd, 2002
9:04 pm - A little late, but...

Congrats to the graduating class of 2002. You have survived. College kicks ass, enjoy your summer :-)


current mood: cheerful

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12:44 pm - hello


this club it.. well... um... it's... wow.

current mood: amused

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Friday, May 31st, 2002
8:39 pm

wondering where the hell everyone is

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Tuesday, May 21st, 2002
12:26 pm - DJO

Oooooo membershipness... o.O

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Saturday, May 18th, 2002
7:53 pm - sssssoooo blasphemous!
ex_rockout789 our conversation from 8th period on friday:

"so where do the eucharists come from anyway?"
"they probably make them in the convents or bake them in the back of the church."
"nah...there's gotta be like a company or something that manufactures them in bulk."
"so whadda ya do...go in and ask for a pound of eucharist??"
"haha, no! you go in and ask for a body of christ!"


"whatever company makes them, they must have a monopoly on the business."
"yeah, we really should go into the eucharist-baking business and give them some competition."
"we would have to advertise!"
"yeah...our eucharist is 40% more holy than other brands."

current mood: amused

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Friday, May 17th, 2002
10:45 pm - Yeah, I'm SO here

Hi ya'll :-)

~~johnalex aka Cowboy~~

current mood: happy

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7:05 pm - hello dorkfaces

i am so honored to be a part of this community. just don't get mad that you're not all on my friends list. it's just that you'd make my friends page so...dorky. :) i'm recruiting!


current mood: dorky

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Thursday, May 16th, 2002
10:28 pm

Woo first new member!

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8:24 pm - well kiddies i finally did it....
ex_rockout789 someone say something! NOW.

*tries to think of a conversation starter, but lacks the social skills to do it*

current mood: impressed

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